Neighborhood Laundry Mat

Michele Foods

"Community Capital has helped to nearly triple my business in the last 4 years." Kurt Cargle, CEO

"Community Capital has been an extraordinary support over the last year and half as my business has been through a variety of changes." Michele Hoskins, CEO


Salaam Community Wellness

"Community Capital has done really great with helping to obtain our 501c3 status and establish our financial systems." Dr. Constance Shabazz, Executive Director

The Kindness Campaign

"Community Capital has made a huge difference in helping to clean up our books and establish our financial processes." Christopher Watts, Executive Director

Dudley's Beauty School

Goree Cuisine

"Community Capital has made a huge difference for our company and is a trusted advisor" Betty Clawson, Director

"Community Capital is a wonderful resource for our business.  We are proud to have them as our CFO." Adama Ba, Owner

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