The Community Capital Index

Our ultimate goal is to partner with 1,000 businesses around the country that have an average value of $1 million each, thereby creating $1 billion in new value into the urban center.  We're out to create a coalition of urban entrepreneurs, providing community leadership and effecting change in the areas that matter to them most.

This blog is designed urban entrepreneurs understand their business' value as well as how to use that value to create wealth and leave a legacy.  This collection of articles is designed to educate our clients and followers about these lessons in business leadership. 


We call this page The Index because we are not only telling the stories of great business and thought leaders.  We are also actively tracking and aggregating the values of our client-partners in a similar fashion to the Dow Jones or the S&P 500.

We believe that small business owners are the unsung heroes in our communities and that the more we empower them to know their worth - individually and collectively - the more we'll see local communities grow and thrive.